Dressed up, he three actors flee the institution where they live driving a stolen car.


INVITE YOU TO A SCREENING OF “COLEGAS” (BUDDIES) DURING THE 6th Conference of State Parties of the Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities.

Wednesday, July 17TH from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
UNICEF House , Labouisse Hall
3 United Nations plaza at 44th street between 1st and 2nd Ave, New York

“Buddies” tells the story of three young people who love movies and decide to run away to fulfill their dreams. The fact that the main actors have Down syndrome is just a small detail that is forgotten as soon as the viewer embarks on their adventures. Brazilian filmmaker, Marcelo Galvão, managed to create a very entertaining movie that is about inclusion, without focusing on disabilities. The film pays tribute to Galvão’s uncle, Marcio, who had Down syndrome.

Please note that participants must be registered on site. Space is limited. Please arrive before 6PM to ensure your seat. Please RSVP to disabilities@unicef.org.

The movie has been successful in various film festivals in Brazil and abroad. It won the Best Film award at the International Disability Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers in Moscow (Russia) and conquered the Audience Award both at the Trieste Latin American Film Festival (Italy) and FESTIN (Portugal). The film was also selected for the Red Rock Film Festival, which took place last year in Utah, USA.

In Brazil, “Buddies” won several awards, such as the Best Brazilian Feature Film awards at traditional Gramado International Film Festival 2012 and São Paulo International Film Festival (in which also won the Troféu Juventude award granted by student audience).

It is worth highlighting that Breno Viola, one of the protagonists, was recently a speaker in the event promoted by the United Nations in New York on the International Down Syndrome Day (March 21).

About Buddies
Buddies shows the simple things of life in a poetic way throw the eyes of three young people with Down syndrome. They love movies and work at the video library of the institution where they have always lived in. One day, inspired by the movie “Thelma & Louise”, they decide to run away using the gardener’s old car in search for three dreams: Stalone wants to see the sea, Annie looks for a husband and Marcio needs to fly. They embark on several adventures as if life was just a wonderful dream.

Shot in Brazil and Argentina, the movie has famous Brazilian actors, in addition to 60 young people with Down Syndrome in the cast.

The feature film, which also won the Best Script award in Paulínia Film Festival (2008), has the following sponsors: Petrobras, Invest Image Caixa Seguros, Sabesp, Neoenergia, Polo Cinematográfico de Paulínia, AkzoNobel, Net, KSB, CVC, Docol, Eaton, Libbs, Locaweb, Ferro +, DaTerra and Senac.

Awards in Film Festivals
· Gramado International Film Festival (Best Brazilian Feature Film, Best Art Direction and Commendation granted by the jury to protagonists)
· São Paulo International Film Festival (Best Brazilian Feature Film and Troféu Juventude Award, both granted by the audience)
· Trieste Latin American Film Festival – Italy (Audience award)
· International Disability Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers (Best Feature Film) – Moscou/Rússia
· Festin – Portugal (Best Film – Audience Award)
· Anápolis Film Festival – Brasil (Best Direction, Best Script, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack and Commendation granted by the jury to protagonists).

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