World Down Syndrome Day logo.The government of Brazil presented a draft resolution for the World Down Syndrome Day, 21 / 3, to be recognized at the United Nations. The Brazilian delegation at the UN expects the proposal A/C.3/66/L27 receives support from other sponsors. The project is expected to be voted next week n the United Nation’s Third Commission, which deals with humanitarian issues.

The World Down Syndrome Day was established by Down Syndrome International as 21 March to raise public awareness about people with Down syndrome and to form self-determined, productive citizens with Down syndrome, that are included in society and have a better quality of life.

The date was chosen because it is written 21 / 3 (or 3 / 21), which alludes to the three chromosomes number 21 that people with Down syndrome carry. The idea of the day came from geneticist Stylianos E. Antonarakis from University of Geneva, and was defended in 2005 at the International Congress of Down Syndrome in Mallorca, Spain. The date was first celebrated in 2006, in Singapore.

In Brazil, World Down Syndrome Day has been celebrated since 2006. Each years there is an increase on the number of events, that in 2010 surpassed 100, around the country.

Senator Lindbergh Farias introduced a bill this year (PLS 377-2011) so that it becomes official date in the country.

Sign the international petition for the date to be adopted at the UN.

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