Special Issue on Disability and Inclusive Economic Development.

The Review of Disability Studies is requesting papers for an upcoming special issue on Disability and Inclusive Development, to be edited by
Rosangela Berman Bieler of the Inter-American Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development and Daniel Mont of The World Bank.

This issue is intended to highlight recent research on the links between disability and socio-economic outcomes in developing countries, as well
as evaluate attempts to move towards a more inclusive model of development

In particular, we are soliciting papers about the developing world that answer questions such as:

What is the relationship between disability and poverty?
How does the presence of a disability affect people?s access to education, training, and employment?
What is the relationship between health status, disability, and mortality?
What are the key barriers that prevent access to public services such as education, healthcare, transportation, water and sanitation,
What are some examples of programs or policy interventions aimed at including disabled people, and how effective have they been?

We particularly encourage submissions from authors from developing countries.
We also encourage submissions across all disciplines, as long as they are aimed at helping to build more effective inclusive policies.

Please send electronic copies of a 1-2 page abstract to both Daniel
Mont at dmont@worldbank.org and Rosangela Berman Bieler at RBBieler@aol.com by
August 1 st.

Completed articles should be approximately 3000-5000 words and should
follow all RDS formatting guidelines found at http://www.rds.hawaii.edu/submissions/. Note
that an invitation to (submit an abstract or) participate in the forum
does not guarantee publication of that article in The Review of Disability

For more information about The Review of Disability Studies, please go
to www.rds.hawaii.edu